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Web presence is the appearance of your small business on the internet, and includes your website, design and content. To create your web presence you can choose from a variety of easy to use web-hosting options that are intuitive and don't require much technical work. You can also engage a professional to build it.  All this is explained in the sections that follow.

A strong web presence requires regularly updated content, making your website more open to receiving high traffic and increasing its popularity. This part of the module will bring you up to date with the benefits of having a strong web presence, the steps to obtain and maintain it and the latest means of promotion and retention of customer or member interest.

Case Study: Education Sector – 'The Cyber Safety Lady'

Leonie Smith, 'The Cyber Safety Lady', explains in this video that "it's really important for you to have a strong, strategic web presence".
She adds: "when you're thinking of planning a website, gets lots of good advice on it. Spending a lot more money on a website doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be a good one".


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