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When designing and building your website, think about who your site is for and how the design can influence your target market. For example, if your website is to cater to a specific age group, think about how colour, text style and pictures can be worked together to achieve the desired impact.

The structure of your website is also important, as it should match what the average user would expect, and be logical, consistent and non-ambiguous. There is plenty of high-quality help available on the internet to assist with website design and structure. Just enter 'website design' and/or 'website structure' into your preferred search engine.

Think about what kind of business you are and what kind of impression you want to give others. For example, if you were promoting sports, have a display of relevant pictures and video materials to engage viewers.

Case Study: Education Sector – 'The Cyber Safety Lady'

In this video excerpt, educator Leonie Smith has some good advice for organisations choosing fast broadband-enabled solutions: "when you're thinking about designing a website, it's a reflection of who you are professionally. So make sure you get a good web designer to design your website so that it works". She adds: "the same needs to be said of your social media. When you're setting up a social media platform, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, make sure it's done professionally and that your posts are professional because that reflects on your business".


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