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In order to generate 'traffic' and popularity amongst members and the general public, your website will need to have regularly updated content that is interesting to the reader. The benefits of having regularly updated content include:

  • Cost-effective marketing that only requires time commitment.
  • An electronic 'Open' sign, so the public can see that the business is still active and useful.
  • Building trust by establishing consistency of operation.
  • Being seen as a 'go-to' place for information.

Case Study: Recreation Sector – parkrun Australia

Utilising its web presence and social media to interact with participants, parkrun Australia has rapidly grown its membership. Key to that success is their daily internet-based activity involving newsletters, emails, web site updates and social media coverage. As Tim Oberg, General Manager of parkrun Australia points out in this video, "it's absolutely vital to have a strong web presence, and ... within Parkrun, we are really active through social media and ... on our website to engage our members" He adds "... we have a seven day action plan that we use every week."


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