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Having a website that uses different media allows a more powerful and immediate connection with the public. Rich – preferably interactive – media should relate closely to your member's and customer's need for easy to find information on your products and services.

Presenting content in pictures, animation, video and text is a powerful aid to this process.

This part of the module outlines some of the more important modes of web-based communication, and provides case studies of organisations which have benefited from a strong web presence.

Case Study: Recreation Sector – parkrun Australia

By offering attractive features on their website and social media, parkrun Australia easily engage their members and also attract potential new members. As Tim Oberg, General Manager, explains in this video, "One of the most popular aspects of the parkrun website, is all the statistical information that our runners are provided after their runs..."[and] a 'Most Events' table that shows which parkrunners in our community have travelled around and done the most different number of events."

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