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Providing videos on your website to showcase your business is a very effective outreach tool. These videos can include:

  • Inspirational overview
  • Information explaining what your small business is about, highlighting activities and events
  • Showcase or virtual tour of your products and services
  • Instructions on how to use your products or services

Being able to visually display your small business in this way will really help your members or customers relate to you, and quickly discover the information they need. It is a good idea for at least one of your videos – prominently displayed on the home page – to be a high-energy inspirational overview; this will encourage viewers to look further and investigate your site.

Case Study: Recreation Sector – parkrun Australia

The parkrun Australia website uses videos to engage with their members and recruit volunteers. They inspire viewers by showing recent footage of their events and interviews. As Tim Oberg, General Manager of parkrun Australia explains in this video, "We've also started using YouTube as a means to recruit volunteers."


Case Study: Arts Sector – Helen Perris

Helen Perris, singer, song writer and music teacher uses YouTube for her own work but also for her students.As she explains in this video; "with my music studio, I actually use YouTube quite a bit, with my students' permission".


Case Study: Education Sector – 'The Cyber Safety Lady'

In her small business, called 'The Cyber Safety Lady', Leonie Smith educates school students, parents, celebrities, public figures, politicians, public speakers and business people on their use of social media. In this video, Leonie explains that: "if you find a video that perfectly illustrates your business, in my case, it might be a cyber-safety video that's an amazing story about somebody who has either had a problem on social media, or a great success on social media and it's the first time it's been shared to my demographic, then I could get a lot of hits on it. So photos and videos do well if they're exactly the right photos and videos".

If these case study videos of small businesses and Not-For-Profit organisations inspire you to make more use of video presentations in your organisation, visit the Australian Government Department of Communications for tips and information on:

  • Video sharing sites
  • YouTube
  • Podcasts
  • Ideas for creating videos

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