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This image reminds viewers that different types of tablet computers and smart phones, with different operating systems, can connect through the cloud.It is important to ensure that your website is accessible from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. Mobile access has benefits like:

  • Access to information anytime and anywhere.
  • Readily retrieval and exchange of information.
  • Integration of your information with other mobile device capabilities

There are many companies in the marketplace that can help you optimise your website so that it can be readily used from a mobile device. Type 'mobile-optimised website' into your favourite internet browser, and you can research one that is right for you. There is also an excellent treatment of this topic on the Australian Government's Department of Communications DigitalBusiness website.

On this site you will learn that there are three options your organisation can explore to optimise your online content for mobiles:

  • creating a mobile version of your website
  • making your site mobile-friendly
  • developing a mobile app.

You will also learn that not every organisation needs to optimise their web site for mobile use. For further guidance in deciding whether your organisation would benefit from any of these options, see DigitalBusiness'  Approaches to Mobile Devices.

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