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When you have successfully implemented your online strategy and monitored its success for a period, it is important to reflect and evaluate how well you went against your goals. You should also make sure that, as your business grows and changes, your goals are still relevant and feasible. Use your list of goals and the overall success of your business plan to ensure that you are staying on track. 

  • This image shows a pentagonal loop of interlocking concepts involved in the continuous improvement of business plans: Define-Design-Deploy-Evaluate-Refine and repeat.Reflect: Conduct a Post Implementation Review (PIR) to analyse how well the goals were implemented and what setbacks or issues may have occurred.

  • Evaluate: Investigate how your strategy can be improved based on the success or failure of each of the components and the overall result. Decide if the implementation process can be improved and what you would do differently in future phases.

  • Refine: Once you have completed these steps you can refine and adapt your strategy to meet future needs.


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