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To execute your strategy you will need to develop a plan. If you customise Table 1 to be specific for your organisation, you can then set out a daily weekly and monthly plan for the execution of each of the strategic areas. The following are examples of some of the technologies (remember that every organisation will be different):

This image shows a hand writing on a blueboard with chalk three words connected by arrows: Strategy - Execution - Success (larger and underlined).Web Site

  • Hosting selection and staff/contractor recruitment
  • Design, development and search engine optimisation
  • Deployment and awareness campaign
  • Posting schedule and regular review of content for currency/accuracy
  • Periodic review of links for currency/accuracy

Social Media

  • How often you will post on your website and Facebook
    (see Social Media)
  • Frequency and rationale for tweets on Twitter
  • Who to follow and why


  • Scope and cost the development of a shopping cart
  • Set up accounts with PayPal/Banks
  • Schedule development, testing and deployment

You will need to be regularly active in these areas; their usefulness will rapidly diminish if your members decide it isn't sufficiently current (see Online Registration & eCommerce).

Case Study: Education Sector – 'The Cyber Safety Lady'

Leonie Smith explains in the next video that "the way I executed my business strategy was first of all to make sure I could be found ... I used a lot of web-based tools including social media and my website so that I showed up in Google." She adds that this strategy involves integrating these tools and "including Search Engine Optimization on my website which has really strongly benefited by having a regular blog."This led to achieving my goals much sooner than I thought and having more success in my business."


Case Study: Recreation Sector – parkrun Australia

The IT system at parkrun Australia was limiting their business goals and objectives so they made a strategic plan to upgrade it. The new system would handle many more events, allow easier management and include new features made possible by fast broadband. As Tim Oberg, the General Manager of parkrun Australia explains in the video above, the key is to develop a clear and concise business strategy that supports your organisational goals. "You can then underpin this by taking advantage of applications that are supported by new technologies... If you do all of this, it'll enable you to execute your strategies effectively, review when necessary and adapt when appropriate."

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