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This image shows a gravestone equipped with an antenna. The accompanying test reads: 'When I die I want my tombstone to offer free WiFi, so people will visit more often.' An important issue you need to think about is what will happen if you die before your business does. The ownership of digital files, their transfer to another person or business, associated contractual obligations, and the maintenance of data over time, are significant issues.

The question of who owns what in the digital realm is an important consideration in determining who gets your data when you die. Your digital property may include emails, photos, blogs, your business domain name(s) and web-site, electronic documents, content uploaded to social media and so on.

Ownership and conditions of posthumous access will usually depend on the terms of use in the cloud service provider's contract.

If you are a 'sole trader' it is especially important that you give an appropriate person authority to manage your contract with the provider, and assign rights to your intellectual property and business data.  ACCAN's Death and the Internet report provides all of the information you need to make informed decisions in this area.


In addition, you must identify the location or means of recovering passwords to access your cloud service. ACCAN suggests that you make a will and include this informaton in it.

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