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UCaaS is a comprehensive hosted communications solution which is integrated with your desktop computers, mail systems and all mobile devices. UCaaS warrants special mention because of the significant cost and time savings it makes possible for small businesses and organisations.

Hosted telephony is usually the first motivation for adopting UCaaS (and a source of immediate cost savings) as it replaces your office PABX with a flexible cost-effective online service that allows small organisations to:

  • avoid large capital outlay up front;
  • pay only for what you need;
  • avoid the need for technical staff to manage and configure equipment; and
  • avoid expensive upgrades when technology is outmoded.

The added functionality of video conferencing, online meetings, instant messaging, 'presence', 'follow me' call routing, 'click-to-call' software interfaces – and the integration of all of these facilities with each other – provide major efficiencies and a compelling business case for the adoption of a UCaaS solution.

This image reminds viewers that different types of tablet computers and smart phones, with different operating systems, can connect through the cloud.

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