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Cloud solutions can be grouped into four main service types:

Table 2 – Examples of Cloud Solutions

In three columns is listed the Software, Platform, Infrastructure and Unified Communications as a service, also listing examples in each cloud type. Software is to consume it, Platform is to build on it and Infrastructure is to migrate to it.

 (adapted from the National Cloud Computing Strategy)

The options shown in Table 2 are all accessible via the internet. They differ not only in the type of service provided, but also in the extent to which the service provider adds value to the process –

  • IaaS provides servers, storage and network devices which can be dynamically configured to suit the customer's requirements.
  • PaaS is an application development, hosting and a deployment environment.
  • SaaS provides ready-to-use applications.
  • UCaaS is an integrated telephony solution that is particularly valuable for small businesses and organisations.

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