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A proper technical plan is essential in order to achieve your goals effectively. You should avoid focusing solely on the cost-reduction aspect; as noted in the discussion of UCaaS, this is merely the first benefit likely to be had – and hopefully will be followed by the benefits of efficiency, flexibility and mobility.

The adoption of cloud computing is primarily a business decision based on a cost/benefit analysis; however for the planning, choosing and execution of it in your small business or organisation you will need access to someone with sufficient IT skills to guide the strategic and implementation phases. These skills can be contracted if not available in-house.

Remember that once your cloud solution is implemented, you will need people (preferably more than one) in your organisation who know what the cloud arrangements with the provider are. These people will insure adherence by the provider to contracted service levels, and manage your organisation's response to planned and unplanned service interruptions such as hardware upgrades or scheduled maintenance.

This picture illustrates the cloud computer networking concept, with rows of network servers against a cloudy sky."

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