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In many ways, 'the cloud' is synonymous with 'the internet'; it's a name from the old diagrams of computer networks that interconnect 'out there', in the ever-changing world-wide web. But it is much more than that, as you will discover in this module.

This image reminds viewers that different types of tablet computers and smart phones, with different operating systems, can connect through the cloud.Cloud computing provides on-line solutions that allow shared, multi-site access to Information Communications and Technology (ICT) resources and management. It is a powerful and attractive tool for small businesses and community organisations because it allows you to benefit from large-scale technologies and facilities without significant up-front investment of your own scarce time, energy and funds.

Cloud computing can also deliver benefits such as quicker deployment of technology, reduced operating costs, and the capacity to support rapid user growth; it can also adapt quickly to periods of downsizing if necessary.

This module contains training on the following topics:

  • Cloud Technology and Benefits this part explains what cloud computing is, the benefits and how it works.
  • Choosing a Cloud Service Provider will help you know what to look for in a provider and develop a plan to make use of their services.

  • Security, Privacy and Availability raises the main issues and risks associated with cloud computing, and describes security measures you can take. It also includes succession planning for legacy data. 

  • Consumer Service and Your Rights as a Consumer lists key consumer service items to look for and discusses ownership of data and complaint handling. 

  • Contracts and Financial Matters discusses the main contactual issues - including terms and termination, consumer law and jurisdictional requirements. It also discusses your digital heritage and provides a checklist of contractual considerations. 

  • Cloud Service Types presents in more detail the main cloud solutions: Infrastructure, Platform, Software and Unified Communication as a service.


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