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The following checklist will assist you in making your assessment s in the future;

Teleworker management tips

    • Document all the arrangements for managing your telework employees in your Telework Agreement, and in any other relevant correspondence with employees or senior executives.

    • Become knowledgeable with effective teleworking, including, if possible, doing telework yourself. Your team members will notice if you 'walk the talk'.

    • Given you have set clear performance objectives for your team members, trust and empower teleworking staff to organise their work to meet business needs.

    • Agree expectations for availability during core hours of work, communication (both ways) and notification of absences.

    • Ensure individuals' performance plans are updated to reflect telework agreements and ensure that:

        • you check in regularly with individual team members to confirm that arrangements are going to plan

        • their telework arrangement allows for interaction with manager and peers

        • their telework arrangement allows for learning and development in addition to job tasks

        • the range and nature of their duties are appropriate to their level and telework arrangement

        • their workload is manageable against work-life balance requirements

        • they are satisfied with their telework arrangement in terms of social interaction.

    • Use team meetings as an opportunity to recognise the success of arrangements, particularly the impact on team effectiveness and productivity. Refer to notes from team planning discussions if appropriate.

    • Take review action if there are warning signs that arrangements are not working as intended (e.g. there are breakdowns in trust and/or communications and/or supporting technology which is starting to impose on work-life balance).

    • Ensure business requirements are being met. Collect evidence of success or areas for improvement as appropriate. You can use this when formally reviewing the arrangements or conducting performance reviews with team members.



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