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Other key telework BCP components

The Telework BCP should be very easy to find and always up to date:

This includes electronic copies and printed copies. Printed copies should be carefully located to enable easy access when computer systems are not working. Remember it is quite possible that the key people with all this information 'in their heads' will be absent when an interruption occurs. Keeping BCPs up to date is vital to ensure not only accuracy but credibility – your customers and staff need to be confident that services will continue to work.

Identify strategies to get you through the outage:

Make a 'short list' of essential business activities which are dependant on teleworking infrastructure and make sure they can function during a computer or communications outage

– leaving other 'day-to-day' work to be performed once services are restored. For example, capture customer details manually and leave online processing for when systems resume.

How thorough should your telework BCP be?

The length of your BCP will depend on the size of your business – it can be as little as a few pages for small organisations. Make sure you include contact details – especially after hours – of all the people needed to help restore your services and details of where your off-site data backup is located.

Engage an IT professional if possible to consult on your telework BCP

BCPs should ideally be prepared by an IT professional, but if this is not practical then at least write down all that you do know about your IT and communications set up. For example, this should at least include a list of IT, network and telephony equipment with names and phone numbers of service providers and if possible, a diagram of your IT configuration.

Engage an IT professional to set up and maintain your failover solution

If possible, you should engage an IT professional or company to set up and maintain your failover solution. If this is not possible, make sure someone in your business knows what to do and is 'on call' if an outage occurs.

Make sure firewalls, authentication systems and remote access features function with your failover solution

Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, remote access for staff, managed firewalls and authentication services need to be setup correctly to function with your failover solution or they are likely to stop working and cause further disruption to your business. It is recommended that you test each of these services when implementing your failover solution

Test your failover solution on a regular basis

Even the best Business Continuity Plans can fail if they are not regularly tested and rehearsed. 

Business continuity planning is also covered in three ACCAN ‘Tip Sheets’

Here you can learn about:


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