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Key components of the telework technical environment

For your tailored telework BCP, we need to understand the key components of the telework technical environment. These include:

1) Access to the central office computer system via the Internet.

Secure access to the office computer systems from home is usually provided via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or an 'SSL' session over a broadband connection [Note: VPNs and SSL are covered in other learning modules]. There are a number of components which need to be functioning for access to the central office computer system to work:

    • The computer that you use at home must be switched on and connected via broadband to the internet

    • Your broadband connection to the internet must be functioning – this includes:

 The 'gateway' device (also known as a router) located within your home

The access service (delivered by your telecommunications company) using one of:

ADSL (over the telephone network)

Cable (also known as HFC)

National Broadband Network (NBN)

Fixed Wireless (particularly in regional and remote areas)

Satelite (particularly in regional and remote areas)

    • The remote server or desk top computer that you will be connecting to at the office needs to be switched on and running to acceptable performance standards.

2) For effective teleworking you also need access to a fixed line or mobile telephone service.

A fixed line telephone service will be provided via a number of delivery mechanisms:

    • The traditional 'copper wire' phone line

    • Over the NBN or cable (HFC) network

    • Via a 'Fixed Wireless' connection (particularly in regional and remote areas)

    • Using a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service

A mobile telephone service will be a pre or post paid service as provided by the mobile network operators in Australia (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone) or via the many Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). For examples of these, enter 'MVNO' into your internet search engine.

3) Other telework solutions such as Videoconferencing, Unified Communications, Mobile Device Management, etc. will not be referred to in this BCP example, but may be included in later on-line learning modules.



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