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A 'failover' strategy for your fixed voice telework infrastructure.

With your fixed voice service, you should implement the following:

    • Perform a 'risk assessment' for your business's use of fixed voice

    • Write an action plan for what you would do if your fixed voice service failed (outage)

    • Obtain the most reliable fixed voice service that you can afford – to match the level of risk.

We will only deal here with the last of these as the others will be similar to broadband covered earlier.

Obtain the most reliable fixed voice service that you can afford – to match the level of risk.

Review and select from the following failover options:

Install alternative fixed voice lines

Although quite expensive, it is possible to order/connect failover lines to your phone system. Remember, the failover lines need to be provided from a different telephone exchange and linked to the phone system via a different path into your building or it is highly likely they will be affected by any problem with your usual fixed voice service. Arrange a quote from your provider for this option (including a separate path into the building and lines via an alternate exchange) so that you can make an informed decision.

Forward calls to a voice announcement

During a phone system outage it may be sufficient to forward your primary phone number to a voice announcement. This typically advises callers there is a problem and requests them to call back or leave a message. The announcement can also provide the status of your phone service,
the expected time of service restoration, and refer callers to a company web site and/or another office or a mobile phone. You will need to arrange this service in advance with your provider.

Provide a web site announcement and email options

In all cases where fixed voice services are interrupted (and there has been no seamless failover implemented) it is important to alert callers to the outage on your company web site. Estimated return-to-service time and alternate options such as email, other office or mobile numbers should also be provided. If other office or mobile numbers are provided, remember to notify the people who will be answering these calls.

Forward calls to a mobile phone

Small businesses may wish to forward calls to a mobile phone, but remember to have an appropriate voicemail message on the mobile phone.


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