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Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) is the integration of a number of different technologies that provide a consistent unified user experience across multiple devices and media types. Collaboration Technologies such as UC, are used for productivity and effectiveness in promoting team work and better communication. This is particularly useful for the telework environment. UC examples include:

Real Time Chatting (Instant Messaging)

Tools such as instant messaging help to increase productivity, providing real-time text based communication. Instant messaging is an online chat capability for teleworkers that transmits text in real time, designed around conversations of short messages between parties. For teleworkers this is faster than email and very useful for quick conversations or exchanges of information with colleagues.

Video Conferencing

Having a face to face interaction between employers and teleworkers is a great way to increase communication and makes the teleworker feel included in what is being done. These days, you can Video Conference affordably with colleagues and increase business productivity. Some examples of the use of Video Conferencing include:

    • Teleworking employees attending a staff meeting.

    • Teleworkers discussing a project with a colleague.

    • Receiving instant feedback and discussion on ideas and brainstorming.


Email is an important component of the teleworker's tool kit considering its capacity as a major conduit of messages, communication and files between an office and teleworkers. Being able to send data files, spreadsheets, pictures, etc. is a very useful way to save time in dealing with printed versions of work. It allows teleworkers to share documents with their employers and vice versa.


Unified Communications systems provide important communications integration tools including 'presence' information, 'click to call' facilities, integration of voice mail with the email 'inbox' and 'follow me' phone dialing. These are particularly useful for telework, so they are further explained below.

'Presence' and 'Click to Call'

'Presence' facilities enable users to see where other company users are, what devices they are logged into and what is the best means to contact them. This is very useful for teleworkers, particularly when combined with the 'click to call' facility where users can click an entry in a mail inbox, on a phone or even in a document and the system will make a call to that person via the device that is most likely to reach them.

'Follow me' ringing

Unified Communications systems will continue to ring all your connected devices until a connection is made. You can also be talking on one device (say your mobile) and automatically transfer the call to another connected device, such as the fixed line phone, simply by picking up that phone.

Integration of Voice Mail with Email

Unified Communications systems will insert voice mails from any of your connected devices into the 'inbox' of your email system, thus enabling a more connected world for the telework user.



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