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The benefits of broadband include fast internet access, allowing you to download far more content in the same amount of time. Choosing the appropriate technology to utilise the benefits of broadband is important.

The following sections address the key technology decisions for telework, and will assist you to find what suits your business and how you can increase efficiency.

Key components of telework technology include:

    • access to the internet

    • connection to the office network

    • availability of a phone line

At the simplest level for telework, the main computer that the business runs on needs to be switched on and connected to the internet by broadband running at acceptable service levels. Teleworkers then need access to this via the internet and they also need suitable fixed line and / or mobile phone services.

Other useful telework technologies include, collaboration tools, Virtual Desktop solutions and Cloud computing. The major telework technologies for connection, collaboration and workplace efficiency are outlined below.



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