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Why Develop a Strategy?

Successfully using information technology for telework requires management level support, structured decision-making processes and a plan based on your businesses vision. Therefore, when choosing the types of technology to use for telework in your small business, having a strategy which supports these is a great advantage.

In order to be prepared when developing a technology strategy you need:

    • Committed management-level involvement. Your strategy must be accepted by the business managers before implementation.

    • A structured decision-making process so that all issues are evaluated and there is consistency.

    • Communication with employees on all levels building acceptance of IT decisions. Critical input from business employees about how a decision will affect existing processes will contribute greatly to the success of the overall strategy.

    • Careful assessment of the broadband and mobile coverage in areas local to both the teleworkers and the central office.

    • Detailed consideration of the equipment and communication technology needed to fit the purposes of your business.



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