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Another useful tool for your business is a SWOT Analysis. Using a SWOT analysis grid discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of implementing telework into your organisation. The results can be used to help you implement telework into your organisation.

To use this successfully you should clearly identify the scope of the exercise such as, the organisation or department in which the participants work.

If your business/ organisation is a sporting club for example, this might be an example of a telework SWOT Analysis for you;

XYZ Sporting Club Registrations/ membership office


    • Smaller office / less rent.

    • Ability to employ the most skilled employees, regardless of geographic location.

    • Reduction in employees taking time off for illness or carer responsibilities.

    • Reduction in utility costs.


    • Organisation change would need to be successfully managed.

    • Loss of face to face contact.

    • Skills gap - employee may not be up to speed with video conferencing etc.


    • Able to engage participants or members who are time poor who may be able to participate remotely.

    • Information consolidation for all parties to access.


    • Participant's personal details are on-line.

    • Security and privacy risks for data retained at the home.

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