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There are two main perspectives from which this assessment can be viewed: 

  • Employers estimating how much Telework might save their business or organisation
  • Employees and individuals estimating how much Telework might benefit them as an employee or contractor


As an employer, the type of information to collect about your business (in order to calculate the cost and savings) include:

  • general information about the human resources of your organisation
  • office space including size, rental costs, etc.
  • parking provisions for staff and associated costs
  • utility expenses including gas, water and electricity
  • staff turnover and recruitment costs
  • ICT and arrangements for remote access to office systems.

By collecting and analysing this information about your business or organisation, you can model the potential return on investment (ROI) in Telework. At the end you will have a business case, tailored to your organisation, which shows the benefits, challenges, costs and potential savings from implementation.  Examples of data you could use to calculate ROI are:

General Information

  • How many employees does your business currently have?
  • How many employees could move into telework?
  • How often will teleworkers be working from home on average? 
  • On average, what is the base salary of your potential teleworkers?

Trip to work

  • What is the average distance travelled to and from work by your potential teleworkers?
  • And how long does the journey to and from work take on average?


  • What are approximate electricity costs for the office each year?
  • What are approximate water costs for the office each year?
  • What are approximate gas costs for the office each year?

Setup Costs

  • What PC, internet and phone costs do you expect per employee
  • What share of IT set up costs would be funded by your business/organisation?


  • How do you travel to work each day (Car Train/Tram Bus/Walk/Bicycle)?
  • How many kilometers is your journey?
  • How much does your trip to work cost on average (in petrol/parking, public transport tickets, etc)?
  • How long do you spend travelling to and from work each day on average?
  • How frequently would you telework and avoid making the trip into work?


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