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Cartoon-style graphic illustrating the ways in which it different types of social Media are supposed to act "like ME", "watch ME", "hire ME", "show ME" etc

Social media allows you to communicate with your customers or members through a variety of means beyond your own website. Some social media sites are primarily text-based (e.g. Twitter); others emphasise photo-sharing (e.g. Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest); some share videos (e.g. Vimeo and YouTube) and others offer a combination of the above (e.g. Facebook).

Many businesses and organisations remain wary of using social media to promote their activities due to a lack of time or budget; difficulty integrating it with their other marketing activities; or difficulty measuring its value.

This module contains training on the following topics:

  • Why Have a Social Media Presence? looks at the importance of social media.

  • Types of Social Media highlights different types of social media platforms and the differences between them. 

  • Getting Started looks at finding 'your voice', building your page, setting up your profile and cover photos, engaging your audience, posting content, dealing with complaints and issues, measuring impact, page settings, and accessibility.

  • Social Media Marketing looks at identifying your audience, self-promotion, competitions and giveaways and integration with other marketing activities.

  • Privacy and Other Considerations looks at managing privacy settings, restrictions and helpful tips on how to moderate your page.


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