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The value of a strong social media and web presence is that your business or organisation can be readily and easily found. It allows you to establish a relationship with your audience, in order to boost sales and get feedback.  By being able to understand what participants want, you can customise your products and services to better suit their needs, a win-win situation.
The following case studies provide valuable insights into the practical realities of implementing an active Social Media Presence:

Case Study: Getting Started in Social Media - Part 1 


Getting Started in Social Media Part 2

Case Study: Arts Sector – Helen Perris

Helen Perris, singer, song writer and music teacher, understands the importance of having a strong web presence.She uses one channel to broadcast news, and others to engage with her fans on different levels, allowing her to promote her music without coming across as pushy.


Case Study: Recreation Sector – parkrun Australia


The general manager of parkrun Australia, Tim Oberg, explains that "one of the main elements that makes parkrun so successful is that we combine a real off-line experience which is our Saturday morning events with six other days of the week of really good on-line experience".

 Having a consistent approach to social media can lead to strong engagement with your audience. "It's absolutely vital to have a strong web presence, and... we have a seven day action plan... whereby each day of the week, we have a different question or a different theme that we use our social media for."


Case Study: Education Sector – The Cyber Safety Lady

 Leonie Smith, the Cyber Safety Lady, explains that it's really important to have a strong strategic web presence, "It is not good enough just to be on the web; it's how you present yourself on the web." Having a social media page, it is important to "make sure your posts are professional because it reflects on your business".

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