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It can be hard to promote your services and business, as it requires a sense of confidence. However, overcoming any natural reluctance you may have will pay dividends if you are natural and honest about yourself and your product or services.

Case Study: Arts Sector – Helen Perris

Helen Perris singer, song writer and music teacher advises not to “stress about putting yourself out there or worrying about” self promotion. “[The audience] will enjoy what you’re putting out there, they will be interested as long as you have the conviction and the belief  in yourself.”


Gathering Support

In order to broaden your audience, encourage your current customers and supporters to like your efforts in social media – sharing it with their friends and family. The first step is to let the people in your life know about your page so that they can support you. This initial step helps establish credibility. Be sure to share your page, like it yourself and be the voice of your business. Ask your business customers and contacts to support your page. It is not about the number of likes, it is more important to be genuine, engaging and connect with others.

It is essential to encourage your friends on Facebook to like your page. The only way you will receive support is if you ask for it. Try to identify who your audience is, and look for an opportunity in which you can request their support because of a shared common goal.

For example, an artist who wishes to get more recognition for her work may ask people who like art to like her page, or she would upload a picture of a certain artwork (e.g. a dolphin) and ask friends who like animals or marine life to like her page. In order to drive traffic to your page, creating advertising campaigns, sponsored posts and promoting likes can encourage potential customers and members.

This illustration shows a variety of people presenting and sharing cartoon-style representations of social media concepts across a table."


Case Study: Arts Sector – Helen Perris

In Helen’s experience “If you don’t promote it enough to your own fans, they won’t feel invested enough to promote it to their friends. So that’s the only way you can make it go viral, ... you have to get out there, you have to tweet about it, you have to put it on Facebook, you need to put it in your newsletter.Put it everywhere, put it on your website, link to it, use a widget to link to it on your website. Let your fans know that you need their support, that you want them to tell their friends about it, that you want them, that you need them rather, to help you make the whole thing happen.”



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