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This section discusses the implementation of privacy settings and controls within Facebook, but the general provisions are applicable in all social media environments. There are privacy laws that determine what you can do with the personal information of your customers, supporters or donors. It is important to be aware of the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and the need for a privacy policy (a requirement of the Privacy Act).

Privacy Settings

If you have photos, comments, posts or other aspects of your social media that you want to keep private, there are settings on Facebook that allow you to maintain control of your page. You can prevent designated people or groups from seeing your page, and limit posting to it.

Case Study: Education Sector – Leonie Smith

'The Cyber Safety Lady, Leonie Smith notes that you have to be careful with the information that people provide you with on line, especially when it involves their business or family life, just like in person-to-person interactions. Maintaining confidentiality extends beyond the contents of messages that are exchanged to encompass all the technology Leonie uses: "Sometimes I use a product called TeamViewer where I'm sharing screens; I let [clients] know that there's no way that I can take over their computer... [and] I'm very upfront with any information that I keep".


If a given social media platform fails to provide access and privacy control tools, it may be better to avoid using it unless there is a definite market-based reason to do so.

Set Page Visibility

The page visibility function controls whether your entire Facebook page is public or private. When your Facebook business page is public, anyone can view it.

Control Posting and Visibility

Most organisations limit who can post on their Facebook business page. If you want to be the only one posting on your timeline, uncheck 'Everyone can post to [your page]'s timeline.' You can also uncheck 'Everyone can add photos and videos to [your page]'s timeline.'

People like to know their voices are heard. You can choose to allow posts from others on your page timeline, or hide individual posts. You can also 'Highlight recent posts by others' if you want more recent posts to be visible.

Set Restrictions

Once you publish a page, you can control who can message you and also be selective about which visitors are allowed to view your page by setting 'Country' and 'Age' restrictions.

If you are getting a lot of spam, or don't have multi-language support, it may be useful to block certain countries. Age restriction limits underage viewers access to adult content.


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