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Your Facebook ‘profile picture’ and ‘cover photo’ visually inform users of what you do. They need to be attractive, professional, inviting and reflective of what your business is all about. You need to make sure that the profile photo fits into the set space, without distortion. Take some time getting your profile picture and cover photo right. They may need to be appropriately sized and customised to fit.

Profile pictures do not need to be photographs. You can use a cartoon picture (as ‘The Cyber Safety Lady’ does below).


Figure 6 – Leonie Smith's Facebook Page

="This image is the Facebook page for The Cyber Safety Lady. It features a spcially-designed 'cover' picture that exactly conforms with Facebook's size requirements, and features a cartoon-style representation of Leonie Smith on the left, and a photograph of her on the right; the 'profile picture' reuses the cartoon image."


“When you set up a social media page, think of it as an extension of your web presence and website.” - Leonie Smith, Cyber Safety Lady


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