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The best settings for your page will differ from business to business so we recommend doing your own research into the kinds of issues that are specific to your business. The settings on social media sites tend to change from time to time, however below are a couple of general recommendations suited to most businesses.

Allow Comments and Replies on Your Page

The best option for getting the most views and likes is to keep your page completely open, allowing replies to comments. This gets people talking about your content and sharing different media. However if your business is targeted by malicious commentators, you have privacy settings to fix the problem including blocking posts on a case-by-case basis.

Moderate Your Page (Applicable for Facebook / YouTube / Google +)

Facebook’s ‘Page Moderation’ feature allows you to pick how to block comments or posts that contain certain phrases or keywords, e.g. if someone is constantly harassing or spamming your business page, setting the page moderation to medium can help to block a lot of this. You can also set specific ‘keywords’ in the Profanity Filter to help further moderate spam and unwanted comments. For YouTube you can moderate comments using the ‘Allow Comments’ function under ‘Advanced Settings.’


For people with a hearing, sight or mobility impairment, social media websites and applications are not always easy to use. To find out more about social media accessibility issues and ways of making your social media pages more accessible click here.


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