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As with any marketing activity, it’s important to know whether your efforts are having a real and lasting impact. It is important to determine what your goals are and put realistic measures in place to help you achieve them. Some measurement indicators could be:

  • Shares and likes – how many shares, mentions, (retweets) or likes are your posts (and tweets) getting?

  • Customer engagement – how many of your past or existing customers have connected with you on social media? How many have recommended you on social media or passed on a link to your page?

  • Visibility and sales – has your social media presence lead to sales, new business or other offline opportunities?

  • Web traffic – what percentage of your web traffic comes via social media sites? (this can be determined by looking at your website’s analytics).

  • Search engines – is your website showing up higher in search results since starting your social media activities?

  • Followers/subscribers – how many people are following or subscribing to your page?

  • Email list – if you are gathering email addresses how fast has your list grown?

  • For YouTube – how many views have each of your videos received?

This image depicts a loud speaker with like, love and message images coming from itSome popular free tools to assist with measuring your impact are:

  • Google Analytics

  • Twitter Search

  • Facebook Insights

  • Google Alerts

  • Social Mention






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