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Customising your social media to suit the type or group of people you want to attract can be incredibly beneficial. So, as you post content, it is important to think about what will interest or appeal to your customers. You can experiment with different types of posts and see what is successful. Here are a few different types that might work well for your business:

  • Comical: You can take a comedic theme to your page, posting cartoons and jokes pertaining to your business (and humorous posts are more likely to be shared!)

  • Sincere: The identity of your business page should be sincere and promote positive feelings and thoughts

  • Inquisitive: You can communicate and connect with your customers by asking them interesting questions about their personal likes and dislikes, engaging their opinion

"Cartoon with grandpa and grandkids. Grandpa is throwing a paper plane. Kid say's: "Grandpa is showing us how they sent a text when he was a kid."

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