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This image features a screen cursor (arrow) pointing to a padlock icon and the word 'Secure' at the start of a website U R L beginning with 'h t t p s :', a fundamental requirement for a secure eCommerce transaction.eCommerce entails risks, as it requires you to relinquish absolute control of your data. You need to be confident that your merchant service provider has taken all necessary steps to ensure the privacy and security of your data (e.g. by using encryption and 'strong' passwords).

In this Part:

If access to your data is required 24×7, you should consider having an alternative or backup means of connection to the service (e.g. by a pre-paid mobile broadband package).

Service providers must have and maintain both physical and digital security measures to protect your business information. Compliance with best practice security standards should be monitored through independent auditing.

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