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This is the most basic registration process, as it only requires you to have a copy of the appropriate form available on your website. This will usually be a PDF (Adobe Acrobat™) document, which can be either printed and completed by hand or saved as a 'form' with fields that can be completed on screen and either saved and printed or emailed back to you.

If you use this sort of system, you should point your customers to the website where they can download the reader software they need to use the form.

Figure 3 – An Example of a 'Print and Return' Registration System

The screen capture on the left side of Figure 3 shows the drop-down menu on the home page of the Society of Australian Genealogists that is used to access their printable membership form.

                      The screen capture on the right side of Figure 3 shows the printable SAG membership form; it is an Adobe Acrobat PDF document."



(source:Society of Australian Genealogists)

This sort of system will often be favoured by the elderly, and by reluctant participants in web-based transactions – especially those concerned about the security of online money transfers.

There are a number of options to assist the participation of people who lack confidence in the security of online transactions. Debit cards can be linked to a low-balance savings account (e.g. a 'Debit MasterCard'), or a pre-paid Visa card can be purchased from major retailers. Australia Post also offers a 'print-and-pay-in-person' service via post offices.

In either case, you will have to transcribe the data on the form into your own electronic database if you want to make full and convenient use of the information provided.

While these basic options will allow less-technical members and clients to get registered and buy your products, they are effectively paper-based systems with minimal productivity benefits for you.

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