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eCommerce technology enables small businesses and organisations to automate many business functions, including client/membership databases and merchant services (e.g. payments, donations and similar transactions).

The software to implement eCommerce can be custom-built (hosted on your own equipment or in the cloud), or you can take advantage of the many ready-made eCommerce solutions available via the internet.

While the expression 'eCommerce' actually embraces the full range of services that can be provided, this Module will treat registration, eCommerce and mCommerce separately.

eCommerce services are accessed via web-browser-based interfaces; typical examples are shown in Figure 1. The familiar 'point-and-click' functionality offered by these types of interface makes them relatively easy to use.

Figure 1 – Some eCommerce Web Interfaces


The screen capture on the right side of Figure 1 shows thumbnail images of some of the items for sale by the National Trust as part of its 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' Costume Exhibition                            The screen capture on the left side of Figure 1 shows thumbnail images of the publications for sale by the H E A T G G



(sources: Hill End and Tambaroora Gathering Group & National Trust of NSW)

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