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There are numerous benefits of e-commerce, including:
  • Flexibility (easy to modify in response to changes in your environment)
  • Accuracy (less error prone, as data is captured at source)
  • Cost efficiency (manual methods are very labour intensive)
  • Availability (members and customers can access your business round the clock)
  • Ease of use (if you ensure that your eCommerce systems are simple and effective)
  • Enhanced customer relations (particularly if you implement a database or CRM)

eCommerce allows easy access for customers and clients to provide you with the information you need to take care of them. A strong electronic end-to-end registration and ordering workflow system will lead to increased engagement with your members or customers.

The main benefits of using ready-made eCommerce solutions hosted in the cloud are that:

  • You don't have to purchase, maintain or update the software or the technical environment in which it runs.
  • The software can be customised or branded for your organisation.
  • You are assured of keeping up with the latest technology without having to make expensive 'upgrade' decisions as new versions become available.
  • These solutions are usually much more cost-effective (particularly for small organisations) than custom-built ones

There are risks as well as benefits in the use of eCommerce solutions, but with careful planning and the selection of reliable providers, these risks can be mitigated (see Part 6 of this Module).

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