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This graphic depicts two children sitting crosslegged near one another, and using two tin cans connected by string to communicate.

Your connection options will depend on where your small business or organisation is located.

In this increasingly wired world, the best approach for connecting your organisation is with fast broadband (including fixed and mobile services) These technologies are summarised below, but are fully explained in Part 2 - Understanding Technology of this module.

Fixed Broadband

Fixed broadband technologies currently available in Australia include DSL over existing telephone lines, HFC cable, fixed wireless, satellite and optical fibre.

The National Broadband Network (NBN), incorporating a mix of these technologies, will become widely available over time; however, you should not delay getting your organisation online just because an NBN connection is not yet available, as broadband services are currently available throughout most of Australia.

Mobile Broadband 

Mobile broadband services can be accessed via the existing 3G and 4G mobile phone networks.

Mobile and DSL broadband are the only DIY ('do it yourself') options. All of the other technologies require professional installation.

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