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There are hundreds of ISPs in the Australian market and monthly prices vary significantly. An ISP selling a plan for $40 per month with ‘unlimited’ data may be quite different to another offering a $100 service including 500 gigabytes, so it is worth taking the time to check your usage requirements and budget as well as the fine print in offer documents.

  • A cheaper service may be very popular, but as the provider’s customer volumes increase the network may become congested. It is wise to seek out a provider who offers ‘business grade’ services and service guarantees; they may be more expensive, but if technology is critical to your business, it might be worth the extra cost to obtain better service performance.

  • Ask your prospective ISP about the performance of their service, particularly for your location. Factors such as coverage and distance from the telephone exchange can influence actual performance for both fixed and mobile broadband. Coverage maps are available from MyBroadband, and it is worth checking the specific locations you and your staff commonly work from, as well as the main office.

  • Other information such as connection speeds (i.e. how long will it take to download a particular file), performance during peak periods for your business, and availability (‘up time’) are also important.

  • Finally, how quickly they will respond to and resolve problems when you call their help desk? Is the help desk a 24 × 7 service, or does it have limited operating hours?

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