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When choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP), small businesses need to think carefully about the quality of the service they require. You will need to match the quality of broadband services with the importance of these services to your business. There will always be a price/quality trade-off, and most small businesses will need higher quality than the typical household or individual consumer. Many ISPs have business areas on their web sites and offer 'business grade' services. Carefully consider the inclusions and exclusions in these plans, and match them to your business need.

If you are using an NBN service, you will find that ISPs are referred to as Retail Service Providers (RSPs).

In this Part:

  • The Trade Off talks about the Price versus Quality trade off when considering which ISPs to choose from.

  • Comparing Plans by looking at the prices and options available.

  • Contracts looks at the differences between Fixed Broadband and Mobile Broadband contracts.

  • Further Information links to ACCAN's ISP selection Tip Sheet. 


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