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The dish antenna, wall outlet and the Network Termination Device (NTD) typically associated with a satellite broadband connection are shown in Figure 3. Your gateway modem will be connected to the appropriate LAN (data) port on the NTD.

The dish antenna will be installed so that it is aligned in the direction of the appropriate satellite in orbit. It will also be placed out of reach in order to prevent accidental body contact with powered components.

It is important that the external antenna is not moved, and that nothing is placed, built or grown in front of the satellite dish, as this will reduce signal quality and therefore the performance of the system.

Figure 3 – Satellite Connection Equipment

This graphic depicts the equipment that NBN co deploy at customers' premises to allow satellite access to fast broadband. There is an external wall of a customer site with a Satellite Network Termination Device (NTD) plus power plugs and wall outlet on the right and a satellite dish on the left of this wall. The items are linked to each other with a thick cable.

(source: NBNCo)











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