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It is also possible to use a building's internal electrical wiring to connect computers. This involves devices called power line adaptors which plug into power points in your building (see Figure 5). With this solution, the gateway is connected (via Ethernet cable) to a nearby power line adaptor and computers elsewhere in the premises are connected (again via Ethernet cable) to their own dedicated power line adaptor. It is important to use high quality adaptors.

Figure 5 - Use of a Power Line Adaptor

This graphic depicts a typical use of powerline adaptors in a home to connect a computer and a HD TV to the internet.  The devices are in separate rooms and both are some distance from the Router

There are sometimes problems from electronic noise interference (e.g. vacuum cleaners and dryers), and you need to use the security features provided to prevent outsiders accessing your data. However, if cost is an important factor, power line adaptors can be a cheaper solution than re-wiring a building as they allow you to avoid expensive work running cables within/along walls or between floors. Power line and wireless solutions can also be better suited to heritage buildings or temporary accommodation.

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