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Figure 4 illustrates the extra devices that will be installed at your premises if you choose the NBN for your fast broadband service.

Figure 4 – NBN Connection Equipment

This graphic depicts the three pieces of equipment that NBN Co deploy at customer premises to allow access to fast broadband.  There is a thick line representing an external wall of a customer site with one box on the left and two on the right of this wall.

The one on the left is the NBN Utility Box. Those on the right are the NBN Connection Box (closest to the wall) and the Power Supply with Battery Back-up.  

The three boxes are linked to each other thick cables.  The Power Supply is also connected to a power outlet.

(source: NBNCo)

NBNCo will install:

  • a Utility Box (on an external wall) to connect your premises to the NBN service;
  • a Connection Box (a Network Termination Device, or NTD) inside your premises – usually wall mounted – with data ports and voice ports (i.e. sockets). Your service provider will tell you which port to use for each the service you have purchased. Telephone services will usually – but not always – be connected through one of the UNI-V ports. One NBN Connection Box is capable of delivering separately billable services to individual gateway modems attached to each of the UNI-D data ports; in other words, the device shown in Figure 5 could service four separate businesses operating from the same building.
  • a Power Supply with Battery Backup inside your premises – usually wall mounted. This unit plugs into a normal power point, and includes a backup battery that will keep selected phone services running for up to five hours in the event of a power failure. Don't turn the power supply unit off unless you need to replace the battery, are going away for an extended period of time, or are directed to do so by your service provider.

The backup battery only provides power for phone services provided through a voice port on the NBN Connection Box. Phone and other services connected to the data ports, and mains powered telephones, alarms and other devices connected to any port will not work during a power failure.

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