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When a building is connected to fast broadband, any internal wiring upgrades required are the responsibility of the building owner(s) or strata management committee. Sometimes a complete overhaul may be required, so it is wise to begin planning the connection of fast broadband to your building well in advance of the scheduled connection.

Internal building wiring is a common cause of initial problems. If your gateway modem has a wireless access point, or you have a separate wireless gateway, all your recent computers (or older ones fitted with wireless cards) can connect wirelessly. However, wireless reception can be variable, and quality will be affected by distance from the gateway, walls and flights of stairs. Wireless quality can be improved by using 'booster' gateways.

Offices will usually install internal wiring (called CAT 5 Ethernet) to provide a reliable high speed connection to the computers. If using existing Ethernet cabling, this needs to be tested for quality by a registered cable installer.

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