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Regardless of the type of fixed connection you choose (ADSL, NBN etc), you will have to have some sort of 'Gateway Modem' to provide the interface with the computers and other equipment on your premises. Your selected broadband service provider will usually supply a suitable device (see Figure 1) as part of the connection package.

Mobile broadband services only require a USB 'dongle' for your laptop or tablet PC, or a Bluetooth® connection to your mobile phone.

In most cases the gateway modem also serves as a wireless access point so, when connecting your computers to broadband, you can configure them to communicate either wirelessly or directly (using one or more of the data ports on the modem).

If the modem does not include WiFi, a separate wireless access point can be purchased from a wide variety of electronics stores (e.g. JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, Kogan, etc). This wireless access point will connect into one of the data ports on the gateway modem itself.

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