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gateway modem wireless access point with two antenas


In this Part:

  • Gateway Modems: These provide the interface with the computers and other equipment. 

  • DSL Connections The Gateway modem plugs into a wall socket.

  • HFC Connections Your ISP supplies the access network (utility box and gateway modem).
  • Fixed Wireless involves Outdoor Antenna, NBN connection box, and Wall Outlet. 

  • Satellite Connections involves a satellite dish and a satellite network termination device. 

  • NBN Connections involves a NBN utility box, NBN connection box, and a power supply. 

  • Hard-wired/Wireless involves internal building wiring. 

  • Power Line Adaptors involves usinga building's internal electrical wiring to connect computers. 


(source: Left & Centre –Wikimedia Commons; Right – NETGEAR)

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