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With winter fast approaching, it is once again that stressful time of year where parents all over the country, rush to register their children for winter sports. Only a decade ago, clubs would be spending this time phoning around or mailing out letters to remind parents to submit their registration. However, the online revolution has provided attractive alternatives for organizations to streamline this process.

Organizations now have the ability to inform the public via social media and obtain registration and receive payment through online applications. This allows committees to reallocate their time and resources into other areas.

The best thing about these new tools is they are easy to set up and many are even free to use. We will explore some examples of how you can do this in today’s blog

Promotion Through Social Media

The quickest and easiest way to get your message out to your audience is through social media. In a matter of seconds you can provide up-to-the-minute information in real time. If, for example, a game has been cancelled due to a last minute storm there is no need to rush to the phones. Simply post an update on your organization’s page and parents can check themselves to see what is going on.

Facebook and Twitter are both great platforms to use for this purpose. Your audience doesn’t even need to subscribe to either platform to find the information; they can simply check the page for updates.

The one downside to using social media to this effect is that there is no guarantee that your message will reach your entire audience. Whilst there is no failsafe way to get your message out there, a more successful method would be to…

Subscribe Members to a Newsletter

Platforms like Facebook will charge you money if you want to send a message out to your entire audience. This can add up, especially if you are sending out regular updates. The best way around this is to build your self a solid email list. Sending mass-emails is EASY and CHEAP these days. There are literally dozens of platforms on the net which provide functionality to:

- Collect emails

- Create simple newsletters

- Distribute your newsletters

Some platforms like Mail Chimp even allow you to segment your email lists, so you can send targeted emails depending on what is happening. Other great platforms like GetResponse and Emma are also fantastic and give you all the tools you need to create great send-outs. Be sure to shop around and see which best suits your needs.

Receiving Payment

Long gone are the days of cash and cheques. You can save your organization the time and headaches of collecting money and all the banking and bookkeeping this involves.

You can easily set up a Payment Gateway that allows your audience to simply make a payment online. Payment Gateways such as E-Way, PayPal and SecureWay are all safe and secure ways of collecting money. They also provide easy ways to keep track of payments. These services usually charge a small fee per transaction, but they will save you loads of time.

Some Platforms Do It All!

If you do a little bit of searching you will find someone who has the complete package for your organization. For example, My Football Club gives organizations a platform for their audience to subscribe, receive updates and also pay to register placement. There are many websites out there, which could have the solution you need so have a look around before making any decisions.

Do you know of any other great platforms that can help promote your organization? Leave a comment below!