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You can have the most glamorous of graphics and the most worthy of websites but neither of these will save you without wonderful writing.

Your written content is the voice of your brand.

You don’t want your brand to sound boring or unqualified… do you?

This week's article will give you the tips and tools to make sure your written content is up to scratch in order to give your brand the online voice it deserves.

It’s Good To Be A Black Sheep

The Internet is a very busy place.

A place where millions of different voices struggle to be heard.

It is easy to be overlooked in this whirlwind of information and that is why it is critical to stand out from the crowd.  

Create a unique voice for your business, a voice that represents who you are and what your brand has to offer. The style and tone of your written content will help to portray this voice in much the same way as your brand’s logo or graphic design.

There are various ways to use your written content to portray your brand in a certain light.

It is a good idea to think about the following, for example:

Do you want to come across more or less formal?

Are you opinionated or neutral?

Conservative or liberal?

Loud or softly spoken?

A wide variety of factors come into play when creating the written content for your business. They will help to create a brand voice and allow you to stand out in the noisy sea of information we lovingly call the Internet.

Just Enough… But Not Too Much!

You must always try to grab the reader’s attention and lead them into what you are saying without blabbing on about the unnecessary, or the boring.

Start off your content with something that is intriguing, interesting and informative but do not give the reader more than what they need.

This is where hyperlinks can come in handy.

Hyperlinks 101

For the uninitiated, a hyperlink is a clickable piece of text which links to another page or website.

Hyperlinks are great tools. They can provide optional access to a wealth of information without eating up your audience’s precious reading time.

Of course one must remember that too many hyperlinks can be just as off-putting as too much text, so they must also be used cautiously and strategically.

Spelling, Grammar and Coherency

This should go without saying but is too often overlooked.

Having poorly written content with bad spelling, non-existent grammar and unclear messages not only impedes your ability to communicate with your target audience but it also harms the credibility of your brand.

It is easy to post up content without double checking and editing. If you want someone to take the time to read your message, you should take the time to make it worth their while. You will be rewarded for your attention to detail with a highly engaged audience.