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Blog Writing

A blog is a frequently updated online journal used by individuals or businesses to communicate to their readers in the form of ‘entries’ or ‘posts.’ Blogs are a great way for your business or organization to communicate with the world and keep people up to date.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, the first steps to publishing it can often be the most daunting. We’ve come up with a set of tips to help you create your successful blog.

Find your voice

Bloggers are generally known for their casual and informal writing style, which appeals to a wider audience. Whether you’re writing about a tremendously enthralling adventure or a walk to the supermarket, there is nothing more valuable than an engaging and readable writing style.

It’s important to consider your blog as a conversation between you and your readers. If your sentences sound unnatural when you read them aloud, you might want to focus on writing the same way you talk. More importantly, don’t be afraid to be yourself and let your personality create a consistent tone for your posts.

Know who you’re talking to

Your blog content should respond to the needs and interests of your target audience. Your readers could be your local community, family & friends, corporate businesses and many others. Whatever you choose to write about, it’s important to always consider who your intended audience is, and what they’re most likely to be interested in.

Consistency is key

A blog is a brand, which presents your image to its readers. In order to maintain that image, your design, style and content should always aim to be consistent and memorable.

In the same way, your readers will come to expect your blog to be updated consistently. Offering new and fresh content will keep readers coming back and regularly following your posts.    

Add photos

It is highly recommended to include images in your blog. Adding visuals will allow readers to get a sense of what the article is about, before they start reading. Images also add personality to your blog, and break up a text-heavy post to make it more readable.

Choosing the right image can also be challenging. We suggest avoiding clichéd and generic visuals. For instance, if your post is about world peace, a photo of two people shaking hands in front of a world map is probably a little obvious.

Create a space to talk

Allowing for readers to comment is a great way for you to create a dialogue with your audience. It’s an opportunity for readers to have their say, give you feedback or share ideas. You can also choose to reply to the comments, either by following up with a brief note in response to multiple comments, or responding more extensively to a personal comment.

Sharing is caring

Sharing your posts on Social Media, such as Twitter or Facebook, connects you to a wider audience of readers. It’s also an easy way to advertise and share your blog.

You might also like to add a photo of yourself to your blog so that your readers can identify with you. Blogs can be a very personal approach to sharing ideas and information, and we’ve found that an audience generally likes knowing who it is they’re listening to.