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Senior using laptopIn this fast-paced modern world, developments in new technology can often seem overwhelming. Everything seems to be computerised and with constant, accessible communication.

The technology now part of our everyday life is constantly being updated, improved and adapted – supposedly for our convenience. We have seen huge shifts with the development of laptops, mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and other technologies.With the digital revolution there also came a demand for new skills and real pressure to keep those skills up to date.

Increasingly, younger people have greater access to technology and online platforms in both their homes and schools. Many seniors, however, have experienced a great disconnect from digital tools and services. It has become evident that this exclusion has affected many seniors negatively, especially those without access to modern technology or information on how to utilise it.

In response to this, the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA), the national peak body for seniors and technology, offers a supportive and non-competitive environment for seniors wanting to develop their skills in using modern information technology. Members of the association are able to work at their own pace and to become computer literate, or increase the skills they already have, assisting them to maintain their independence in the modern world.

ASCCA has over 150 affiliated clubs nation-wide who provide education and assistance to seniors. They offer courses to club trainers, club members, and non-members as well as a range of other effective training resources to seniors all over Australia.

The objectives of ASCCA include developing training resources, providing awareness on Cyber security, and giving seniors access to computer clubs and communication technology. Their web site also lists a number of links to other useful organisations for those interested in developing their skills further.

ASCCA empowers and educates seniors in an attempt to broaden their understanding of new technology. In doing so, it provides the seniors community with a greater sense of what is possible as well as a network of opportunities. They also hold regular competitions in photography, writing and other areas for seniors to participate in.

Expanding their presence to social media, they have a Facebook page with over 200 followers, where they post regular newsletters and information on upcoming events. The page creates a social space for seniors to communicate and share their ideas and challenges. It’s also a great opportunity for them to meet people with a shared interest in computer technology.

In addition to this, they host a popular YouTube channel, featuring a number of videos relating to computer and technology services, as well as videos created by members of various seniors computer clubs.

The Australian Seniors Computers Club Association is a great resource for seniors and their communities and is opening doors for seniors to the modern world.