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Pages Web R2 ONWithout any doubt, the easiest and most consistent way to get fans onto your Facebook page is through paid advertising. Many businesses avoid paid advertising as it can be quite expensive... but not if you do it right!

If you put in a bit of time and effort into optimizing your ads, your bill can be cut to a fraction of the regular cost.

 Lets have a look at some ways you can optimize your campaign.

Only talk to who's listening
Facebook charges you for every person who sees your ad, regardless of whether they are interested or not. Keep this in mind when creating your campaign as you can restrict your ads so they are only shown a predefined audience. This is done using Facebook's highly advanced Ads Manager.

Options for filtering your audience can be simple. With just a few clicks you can define the age, location and/or gender of your target audience. You could even get more technical and target people who have particular interests such as 'Fashion' or 'Sport'. Facebook's targeting technology is highly sophisticated and you will be surprised at how well you can define your audience.

Make your post stand out!
Every post needs a great image. This is what's going to catch your audience's eye and make them rush to the all-mighty LIKE button.

Not a graphic designer or a photographer? Fear not! Facebook provides FREE access to a ginormous database of stock photos, and they are amazing! Look around and try different images; don't just pick the first pretty picture you see. Make sure it is relevant to the text and for your branding whilst also being interesting and attention grabbing.

Don't forget to experiment with engaging text to accompany your image. Give your audience some context; give them a reason to 'like' your page.

facebook iconExperiment, revise, repeat...
Facebook gives you the option to run multiple ads within the same campaign at no added cost. Do not underestimate the power of this functionality. It is an absolute necessity for creating a successful campaign.

You can experiment with everything; the text, the images, even the people you are targeting. Closely watch how each ad performs. Look for what features work and what doesn't. Facebook makes this simple for you by showing the cost per like of each of your ads. The lower the cost, the better the campaign.

Facebook advertising can be an easy and cost-effective way to get your business out there. If you put in a just a little bit of time and effort you could be managing a successful campaign for your business for as little as one dollar a day.