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Girl looking at papersWhether it is for your organization or simply out of personal interest, blogging is a great way to get your message out to the world. Blogging has exploded over the past decade.

In 2013 it was estimated that over 153 million blogs are in existence and this number is growing every day. If you are going to compete with this mind-boggling number of blogs, you are going to need some help. Lucky for you, I have three essential tips that are going to boost your blogging potential. Let's get started!

Go with what works!

When getting started with blogging it can be quite overwhelming. There are millions of voices to compete with, what is the best way to make yourself heard? The answer is simpler than you might think. Look to those who have mastered the craft!

Head over to Google and search for a dozen or so blogs in your niche, whether they are large or small. Once you have done that, simply look to each blog and write down the things you like, the things you don't like and the things you would have done differently. What you will find is that a voice will start to emerge from the clutter. This should give you an idea of the tone and the style in which you should structure the content on your own blog.

High arousal for high engagement
Once you have figured out your voice you are halfway there, now all you need is content. When writing your posts it is important to always keep one thing in the back of your mind... the READER. How can you stimulate your reader and encourage them to share your blog posts with others?

Scientific studies on the matter have shown time and time again that we are more likely to share when we are in a heightened state of psychological arousal. In this state your mind is active, your heart is racing and you are ready for action. So what kinds of emotions elicit a high state of arousal? Here are several examples...

Positive High Arousal:

Negative High Arousal:

If your blog posts can tap into any one of these primal emotions, your audience will feel more compelled to engage with, and share your content. Keep in mind this applies not just to your text but also perhaps even more importantly to your blog's heading and to your choice of images.

You are a human, so talk like one!
One thing many bloggers seem to forget is that blogging is a personal journey from a HUMAN perspective. Your tone shouldn't be stiff and rigid like that of a robot. Talk to your fans like you would talk to your friends.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that blogs are a DIALOGUE. It is always important to continue the conversation within the comments section of your blog posts. This reinforces the human presence behind the blogs and helps make fans feel as if they are a part of the blog.

Go forth and conquer
Hopefully you now have some ideas on how to get started on a kickass blog. With a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of persistence the potential of your impact is unlimited. Get out there, make your voice heard, take risks, make mistakes and most importantly have FUN!