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How do you get people to like your Facebook page?

In fact, how do you get people to do anything at all?

You can beg, you can plead, you can roll on the floor and cry.

 At the end of the day it all boils down to one simple fact: people only do things because they WANT to do them.

Simple enough, right?

Unfortunately, this is a fundamental fact that most people overlook when trying to promote their Facebook page.

So the question is not "How do I get people to like my page?"

It's more like "How do I make people WANT to like my page."

This is where things get a little bit more interesting.


We humans are incentive driven creatures. Our time, our money and even our Facebook likes are precious and we don't like to give these things away for free.

When it comes to getting people onto your Facebook page, incentives can be boiled down to two very distinct categories: ONLINE incentives and OFFLINE incentives.

Let's see if we can break these down and take YOUR Facebook page to the next level.

What is it that your Facebook page provides that people WANT to see?

There are plenty of ways to add value to people lives though sometimes it might take a little bit of thinking to figure out how.

Perhaps your page provides KNOWLEDGE that helps to educate your audience. A personal trainer, for example, may provide exclusive exercise tips, weekly goals and even recipes. This is a great way of adding a tangible value to clients whilst exposing your page to a wider audience. Keep in mind that not all knowledge has to be educational or practical, sometimes it's just interesting or amusing, which brings us to the next point...

Perhaps your Facebook page is a source of ENTERTAINMENT. You could stimulate your fans with humorous content, provide exclusive information about new products or services or even behind-the-scenes photos of your business or organization. The more relevant this content is to your brand, the better, so try not to post too many pictures of cute animals in silly hats.

When all else fails, COMPETITIONS, PROMOTIONS and DISCOUNTS are extremely powerful way of getting likes. This might sound ridiculous but recent research shows that up to 42% of users confess to liking pages for this very reason. We all love bargains and free stuff – if you can tap into that natural instinct then the potential is limitless.

Online incentives are great but the most powerful conversions come from the REAL world. The reason for this is simple. People are bombarded by information everyday. It's unlikely they are going to remember to like your Facebook page unless they are encouraged to do so in person.

One method of doing this is by making your Facebook page an INTEGRAL part of your business or organization. For example, a football club could use their Facebook page to notify times for upcoming matches or even delays or cancellations due to bad weather. They could even post photos of recent events or announce awards via the platform. If this information is exclusive to the platform, users will need to connect through Facebook in order to access it.

Another effective strategy is to turn Facebook fans into VIPs by granting them exclusive real-world privileges. An ice-cream shop might offer free toppings to Facebook fans or a math tutor may grant them 5% off lessons. These incentives are really great because they present tangible and immediate value to consumers.

These are just one of a few ways to improve your business via Facebook. It is not always easy to figure out but with a little bit of thinking and a dash of creativity, the possibilities are truly endless. If you can integrate these strategies with your ongoing social media plan then you will be well on your way to cultivating a healthy and active online presence.

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